250 câu trắc nghiệm về từ vựng ôn thi THPT Quốc gia

  1. The house was burgled while the family was in a card
    1. buried busy                    C. absorbed                D. helping


  1. I am sorry that I can’t your
    1. take except                  C. agree                D. accept
  2.             what he says, he wasn’t even there when the crime was
    1. Following According to        C. Hearing            D. meaning



  1. he has impressed his employers considerably and he is soon to be
    1. nevertheless accordingly          C. yet                    D. eventually
  2. He gave his listeners a vivid of his journey through
    1. account tale                        C. communication            D. plot
  3. Will you be taking my precious experience into when you fix my salary?
    1. possession account                C. mind                    D. scale
  4. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and him of
    1. charged accused                C. blamed                  D. arrested
  5. His stomach began to because of the bad food he had
    1. pain harm                      C. be hurt                  D. ache
  6. If you money to mine, we shall have
    1. add combine                C. unite                      D. bank


  1. he was full of for her



  1. energy admiration              C. surprise                  D. pride
  1. This ticket one person to the
    1. permits enters                      C. delivers                    D. admits
  2. The cow had lost its own calf. but the farmer persuaded it to one whose mother had
    1. choose adopt                        C. undertake                  D. collect
  3. If we the plan you suggest, we are more likely to be
    1. elect command                    C. vote                    D. adopt
  4. Science has made great during the past 30
    1. motions advances            C. advantages            D. opportunities
  5. He was a much older tennis player but he had the great of
    1. advantage deal                      C. value                    D. profit
  6. I had quite on my way to work this
    1. an experiment an adventure      C. a happening        D. an affair
  7. He always studies the in the paper as he wants to find a good second-hand
    1. advertisements publicity    C. announcements    D. publication
  8. On my present salary, I just can’t a car which costs over $3.000.
    1. pretend elect            C. afford                 D. adopt
  9. The girl’s father to buy her a car if she passed her
    1. admitted accepted      C. agreed                  D. approved


  1. They are twins and look very .



  1. alike same            C. likely                    D. identical
  1. As a result of their the three small independent countries felt less afraid of their powerful
    1. combination alliance        C. partnership            D. union
  2. When he was a student, his father gave him a monthly towards his
    1. salary permission     C. allowance              D. wage


  1. Is anyone to fish in this river?



  1. borne allowed          C. admitted               D. passed
  1. His had always been to become an
    1. study ambition        C. imagination            D. direction
  2. The of ice-cream sold increases sharply in the summer
    1. account amount          C. number                    D. size
  3. If you are bitten by a poisonous snake. it is necessary to be given an as quickly as
    1. analgesic antibiotic      C. antiseptic                  D. antidote
  4. I’ m to get the tickets for the show today, as there are hardly any
    1. worried curious            C. anxious            D. troubled
  5. The child was told to for being rude to his
    1. excuse apologize        C. punish              D. confess
  6. He is a very old man but in fact he is only
    1. apparently evidently        C. obviously          D. actually
  7. As a result of the radio for help for the earthquake victims, over a million pounds has been
    1. appeal call                  C. programme         D. advertisement
  8. Let me know if any difficulties .
    1. arise come                C. rise                      D. happen
  9. Could you please an appointment for me to see Smith?
    1. manage arrange              C. take                      D. have
  10. The police her for helping the murderer to escape.
    1. caught searched            C. brought                D. arrested
  11. When John in London he went to see the Houses of
    1. came reached              C. arrived                D. got
  12. I read an interesting in a newspaper about farming
    1. article advertisement    C. composition        D. explanation
  13. Students are expected to their classes
    1. assist frequent              C. attend                  D. present
  14. Before you sign anything important, pay careful to all the
    1. notice attention              C. regards                D. reference
  15. In the central region the dry season is long and severe, and the annual rainfall is only about 70
    1. refreshing general              C. average                  D. greatest
  16. The bicycle was moving so fast that its rider could not an
    1. leave avoid                C. miss                        D. overtake
  17. As soon as the children were , their mother got them out of bed and into the
    1. woke wake                C. awake                  D. waken
  18. This is not big enough to cut down a
    1. axe hammer            C. screw                    D. knife
  19. In the market, the merchants and joked with their friends and
    1. bargained gardened          C. bearded                  D. changed
  20. He couldn’t the thought of leaving his home town for
    1. think bear                  C. carry                      D. hold
  21. The room was so quiet that she could hear the of her
    1. beating tapping              C. knocking              D. striking
  22. Through a mixture of greed and intelligence, he has the biggest landowner in the whole
    1. grown developed          C. become                  D. increased
  23. The damage done to my house by the fire has now .
    1. done good been made good    C. made me good    D. been for good
  24. The children will not be allowed to come with us if they don’t themselves
    1. direct behave                    C. declare                D. compose
  25. He has adopted three orphans his own six    children so that, all together, he has nine children to provide

for.                                            t

  1. besides except                    C. beside                  D. in place of
  1. The two scientists disagreed and a argument
    1. wet bitter                      C. salty                      D. sour
  2. The weather was the exceptionally poor
    1. blamed for condemned for      C. accused of            D. criticized for
  3. If you are so senseless as to go on long walks in tight fitting shoes, you must expect to get .
    1. scars bruises                      C. blisters                  D. spots
  4. After lunch I felt enough to ask my boss for
    1. strong bold                          C. encouraged            D. bald
  5. It is a very popular play, and it would be wise seats well in
    1. occupy book                  C. buy                  D. preserve
  6. She began to feel nervous when the train pulled up at the between Austria and
    1. edge bar                    C. border              D. division
  7. When the bill came, he had to money from his brother to pay
    1. borrow lend                  C. loan                  D. let
  8. The toy boat turned over and sank to the of the
    1. basis bottom            C. ground              D. depth
  9. The ball two or three times before rolling down the
    1. bounced sprang              C. leapt                D. skipped
  10. The bus ran over the cliff because its
    1. brakes controls              C. gears              D. signals
  11. The of the bank where he worked was not in the centre of the
    1. seat quarter                C. branch            D. piece


  1. Large waves were on the



  1. going running                C. hitting            D. breaking
  1.             up children properly is mainly their parents’
    1. Rearing Breeding              C. Raising            D. Bringing
  2. Several prisoners from their guards and
    1. broke away broke out      C. broke through      D. broke down
  3. The specialist was under so much stress that he finally .
    1. broke off broke down          C. broke out          D. broke in
  4. Well-mannered children have usually been properly by their
    1. raised up borne up                C. brought up        D. put up
  5. The audience waited until the curtain had risen and then into
    1. flooded cheered                  C. started                D. burst
  6. When she heard from the hospital the father had died, she into
    1. burst exploded                  C. fell                      D. melted
  7. If you put too many potatoes in that paper-bag it will .
    1. explode crack                  C. burst                    D. overcrowd
  8. Every day thousands of fly the Atlantic for negotiations withAmerican
    1. merchants dealers                C. businessmen         D. tradesmen
  9. As there was a power cut in the hospital, the surgeon had to the
    1. call for call on                  C. call off                  D. call out
  10. The book two weeks
    1. came across came by                C. came into              D. came out
  11. The country has a system of , most of which date from the nineteenth
    1. channels rivers                    C. streams                  D. canals
  12. As we wait no longer for the delivery of your order, we have to
    1. postpone refuse                    C. return                      D. cancel


  1. He’s not of learning German in six



  1. interested inclined                  C. able                          D. capable
  1. Bill doesn’t what people say about
    1. care matter                      C. disturb                      D. depend
  2. Do you mind if I with my work while you are getting tea ready?
    1. turn to carry out                  C. come on                  D. carry on
  3. He spoke so quickly that I didn’t what he
    1. receive accept                        C. listen                        D. catch
  4. The flat we have rented is very for the underground
    1. convenient suitable                    C. comfortable              D. distant
  5. It isn’t quite that he will be present at the
    1. right exact                        C. certain                        D. formal
  6. If your bicycle comes off, it is almost impossible te put it back on without getting oil on your
    1. ring belt                            C. steel                            D. chain
  7. If you ever have the to go abroad to work, you should take
    1. possibility offer                          C. chance                        D. event
  8. The fog made it difficult for the driver to see when the traffic lights .
    1. adjusted moved                C. changed                D. removed
  9. How much would you for repairing my watch?
    1. charge cost                      C. spend                    D. demand
  10. he was with


  1. accused charged                C. sentenced            D. convicted
  1. lawyers often make higher for their work than they
    1. charges prices                    C. costs                    D. rents
  2. The customs officer didn’t bother to our
    1. control check                    C. discover                D. glance
  3. Some of the older villagers prefer to tobacco rather than to smoke
    1. munch crunch                  C. chew                      D. gnaw
  4. The autumn air felt so she went to fetch a
    1. cool chill                      C. tepid                      D. chilly
  5. I’m afraid you have no but to come along with
    1. permission choice                  C. selection                D. election
  6. Her husband felt it would be silly to the colour of the curtains before they had painted the
    1. change find                      C. choose                    D. lose
  7. The terrified hunter, in the arms of a huge bear, fought desperately to loosen its
    1. clutched clasped                  C. grasped                  D. clinging
  8. I shall never manage to beat John at tennis; we are clearly not in the same .
    1. set band                      C. class                        D. order
  9. The teacher the harder parts of the
    1. cleared away cleared out      C. cleared up      D. cleared off
  10. The sky looks lighter. I think the weather is .
    1. clearing away clearing            C. bettering        D. clearing up
  11. He wrote his name and carefully at the top of the
    1. largely attentively        C. obviously      D. clearly
  12. These trees cannot be grown in such a cold as
    1. weather climate                C. season              D. space
  13. He took a with him to clean the windscreen of his
    1. garment cloth                  C. clothing            D. towel
  14. As the fat man sat down, the deck chair under him, with a loud noise of tearing
    1. fell fainted                C. sank                D. collapsed
  15. He always wore a shirt with an open .
    1. colour tie                      C. collar                D. tail
  16. The presently accepted theory of light some of the ideas of both earlier
    1. designs composes          C. reacts                D. combines
  17. Very few scientists with completely new answers to the world’s
    1. come to come round        C. come up            D. come in
  18. If you have a to make about the food, I am willing to
    1. dislike trouble                C. complaint          D. discontent
  19. He said he had every in his secretary; she would do the right
    1. belief dependence        C. knowledge        D. confidence
  20. She was afraid that unless the train speeded up sle would lose lose her to
    1. ticket seat                    C. carriage              D. connection
  21. Tom was a highly teacher who took his duties seriously but he had neither the personality nor ability to achieve much
    1. conscientious efficient              C. capable              D. talented
  22. I was not that I had cut myself until I saw the blood all over my hand .
    1. familiar awake                  C. astonished          D. conscious
  23. She has lost her handbag with the sum of $1300 in
    1. extraordinary considerable          C. valuable            D. worthwhile
  24. I have always you my best
    1. regarded considered              C. trusted              D. hoped
  25. She opened the packet and emptied the into a
    1. fullness container                C. refills                  D. contents
  26. The road lay ahead of him, a(n) grey line stretching to the horizon. A, continual        constant        C. eternal        D. continuous
  27. In the capitalist countries, the rising of living is as hard on country families as on city
    1. amount cost                        C. expense                D. price
  28. There was a of parchment as the solicitor unrolled the will written on
    1. rattle crackle                      C. creak                    D. clink
  29. They lay almost flat and through the tubelike underground
    1. crouched crawled                  C. glided                D. scrambled


  1. You should iron out the in that



  1. creases pleats                      C. folds                    D. wrinkles
  1. A narrow road the stream to the other side of the
    1. joins crosses                    C. unites                  D. jumps
  2. After a tiring by boat, we reached the
    1. course crossing                  C. sail                      D. motion
  3. Her skirt had been so in packing that she had to iron it before going
    1. faded torn                        C. dirty                      D. crushed
  4. If I take this medicine twice a day, it should my
    1. heal cure                        C. restore                    D. recover
  5. The new car at the motor-show was a very
    1. curious formal                      C. large                      D. broad
  6. The headlights of the approaching car were so that the cyclist had to stop
    1. gleaming dazzling                    C. blazing                  D. glittering
  7. People who live in a small village are bound to see a good of each
    1. quantity deal                          C. amount                    D. degree
  8. When he was questioned about the missing ring, he firmly that he had even seen
    1. defied accused                  C. refused                D. denied
  9. When the other car hit mine, it made a huge in my rear
    1. hollow depression              C. mark                    D. dent
  10. On Sunday the business centre of the city was usually quite .
    1. deserted unpopular                C. unattended         D. alone
  11. Ann is so to succeed that I am sure nothing will stop
    1. determined willing                    C. patient                  D. obvious
  12. The hall seemed lit after the bright sunshine
    1. faintly vaguely                  C. obscurely              D. dimly
  13. As one of the four of the company, he often had to attend Board
    1. managers directors          C. headmasters            D. governors
  14. The rainbow as the sun came fully out from behind the
    1. dissolved resigned          C. retired                      D. disappeared
  15. She felt very when her husband forgot     her
    1. deceived deserted          C. disappointed            D. desperate
  16. High interest rates people in capitalist countries from borrowing
    1. discourage decrease          C. disgust                      D. disturb
  17. Weeks later he had still not found a job and he began to feel .
    1. disappointed disengaged      C. displaced                D. discouraged
  18. Some useful ideas were suggested while the social committee was the  club’s  programme for the coming

A, arguing about    B. discussing      C. quarrelling     D. having a debate on

  1. The cat showed her for the stale fish by turning her back on
    1. distress disgust                C. disgrace                D. despair
  2. He often forgets to do what he has been told and is scolded for being .
    1. insolent impertinent        C. malicious               D. disobedient


  1. Please sign your name here on the



  1. spaced dotted               C. stopped                D. straightened
  1. He criticised everything and everybody and even ran his few
    1. up into                    C. down                    D. over
  2. When he heard the bad news, he broke
    1. away in                      C. down                    D. out
  3. The carriage was by four
    1. rolled pushed                C. driven                  D. drawn
  4. I dislike going to the dentist as he uses the on my
    1. pick pin                      C. probe                    D. drill
  5. There is something wrong with his vocal chords and as a result, he had always been .
    1. silent dumb                  C. quiet                    D. deaf


  1. When he beat the carpet, the rose in



  1. dust soil                    C. mud                      D. powder
  1. When I came through the customs at the airport, I had to pay on a clock I had
    1. taxes duty                  C. rates                        D. allowance
  2. You won’t find a greater variety of flowers anywhere else on .
    1. ground earth                  C. floor                        D. worlds
  3. We couldn’t cut the string because the of the knife was not sharp
    1. edging edge                    C. border                    D. front
  4. You can do it if you want to, but in my opinion it’s not worth the it
    1. effort attempt              C. force                        D. strength
  5. An ambulance must have priority as it usually has to deal with some kind of .
    1. urgency pressure            C. extremity                D. emergency
  6. The sun the growth of               t
    1. supplies makes              C. encourages              D. effects
  7. When can the students for next year’s evening classes?
    1. enroll join                  C. inscribe                    D. subscribe
  8. You must have the examination before Friday, so bring your money to the office as soon as
    1. passed enrolled for              C. sat for            D. entered for
  9. He knows so much about the stars that I am sure it would be impossible to find his .
    1. same similar                       C. equal              D. reflection
  10. On summer many English men work in their gardens when they come home from
    1. eves evenings                  C. nights                D. periods
  11. I him to arrive in time for
    1. hope for attend                     C. expect                D. wait for
  12. I sat near the entrance for a long time him, but he didn’t
    1. expecting attending                C. waiting                D. excepting
  13. he hoped the appointment would enable him to gain greater             in
    1. experience work              C. jobs                              D. employment
  14. The information-office at the station that all trains were running about one hour behind
    1. advertised decided       C. explained                      D. promised
  15. I could tell he was surprised from the on his
    1. appearance shock            C. sight                              D. expression
  16. Because the company was doing more business, it was necessary to the
    1. extend increase           C. broaden                          D. magnify
  17. The garden as far as the
    1. advances extends          C. develops                          D. enlarges
  18. The plain occupies the west, south and central parts of the continent, though considerable variations are to be found over so an
    1. expensive expansive        C. extensive          D. defensive
  19. Because of the strong sun Mrs. William’s new dining-room curtains           from dark blue to grey   within a





  1. faded fainted              C. paled                D. bleached
  1. Spies may have a number of names and
    1. artificial synthetic              C. false                  D. imitation
  2. Why can’t you do this small for me? I’ve helped you often enough in the
    1. demand effort                    C. favour                D. influence
  3. The charged by the lawyer for his services was unusually
    1. fee fare                      C. debt                    D. hire
  4. A historical novel is a form of which may include many
    1. legend fairy-tale              C. fantasy                D. fiction
  5. The gardener a bucket with water so that he could plant the
    1. filled flowed                  C. stuffed                 D. piled
  6. My petrol tank was empty so I pulled into a garage to .
    1. fill up top up                    C. speed up                D. blow up
  7. when there’s a doubt the examiner’s decision is .
    1. final definite                  C. fixed                      D. certain
  8. If present dissatisfaction over salaries continues the result will be loss of
    1. lengthy near                      C. final                        D. far
  9. You direct me to the nearest garage? One of my tyres is         . A, compressed        depressed C. uneven                  D. flat
  10. The children thought that the cream was deliciously and they finished it
    1. famous flavoured            C. hungered                  D. favourable
  11. A horse drives the from its body with its
    1. wasps ants                      C. flies                          D. butterflies
  12. High in the sky a of birds was flying
    1. pack swarm                  C. flock                          D. crowd
  13. I usually listen to the weather , though I have little faith in
    1. notice warning                C. announcement            D. forecast
  14. The children a line, then walked quietly into
    1. gathered stood                    C. formed                      D. performed
  15. Since his retirement, Peter Smith, who was a teacher, has written four
    1. afterwards usually            C. presently            D. formerly
  16. With the invention of the train, man could travel overland without the need of
    1. voluntarily freely                C. independently    D. readily
  17. A strong westerly flattened the standing corn though it brought no
    1. gale blizzard              C. hurricane            D. breeze
  18. After his prolonged dive in search of the ring he emerged from the water .
    1. panting under his breath    C. gasping for breath    D. out of breath
  19. As the storm drew nearer, black clouds were over the
    1. wondering gathering              C. picking                D. watering
  20. Mr and Mrs Green a party for their daughter’s twenty-first
    1. invited formed                  C. gave                    D. called
  21. The old lady couldn’t because she had
    1. get about get on                    C. get through          D. get in
  22. He does not _ his fellow-workers and there are often disagreements between
    1. go on with put up with        C. get on with      D. get into touch with
  23. If we can our present difficulties, then everything should be all
    1. get off come across      C. come over        D. get over
  24. It is not for you to eat too much          t
    1. kind good                  C. well                  D. useful
  25. You should be very to your teachers for their help
    1. thankful grateful            C. considerate        D. gracious
  26. The peasants’ many resulting from ill-treat-ment by their landlords led finally to
    1. griefs grumbles           C. grievances          D. complaints
  27. They have a future ahead with little comfort, food or
    1. grim pessimistic           C. fierce                  D. violent
  28. The old man got into the of storing money under the
    1. tradition manner                C. harvest                D. habit
  29. Most things are now mass-produced rather than .
    1. hand-made by hand              C. single                    D. selected
  30. Be careful how you that jug; It will break very
    1. pour operate                C. handle                  D. employ
  31. The of the clock showed that it was time for
    1. hands numbers              C. fingers                  D. figures
  32. We suddenly saw the bus about to leave and had to run to catch
    1. hardly awkwardly            C. hard                      D. strongly
  33. There’s no need to be frightened of the dog; he’s quite .
    1. eager weak                    C. cheerful                D. harmless
  34. This year the farmers were just able to gather the before the fine weather came to an


  1. collection flower                  C. plant                      D. harvest
  1. It was a long time before the cut on my hand
    1. healed sank                    C. improved              D. repaired
  2. Dearer electricity will mean bills for most
    1. dear expensive            C. hard                      D. heavy







  1. When you are riding a bicycle you should the handlebars
    1. handle hold                      C. hand                    D. control
  2. You are not allowed to use the after eleven o’clock at night, as it makes too much
    1. signal horn                      C. bell                      D. alarm
  3. Wolves were mournfully in the nearby
    1. barking snarling                C. howling                D. growling
  4. The lorry driver was badly when his lorry crashed into a
    1. pained hurt                      C. hit                        D. damaged
  5. All the students were excited at the of a weekend sports
    1. intention prize                    C. idea                        D. view
  6. You can my surprise when I heard the
    1. suppose think                  C. imagine                  D. believe
  7. Many of the earliest into the United States established large
    1. exiles immigrants           C. emigrants                D. entrants
  8. The judge said that he was by the high standards of performance by the
    1. excited impressed              C. interested              D. imposed


  1. We paid the shopkeeper          



  1. in on                          C. by                          D. with
  1. The crowd stared at the giant and the dwarf as if they were              
    1. credulous incredible              C. incredulous            D. creditable
  2. Tell your brother to come because it’s going rain in a minute or
    1. indoors outdoors                C. within                D. homewards


  1. I cut my finger on a rusty tin and it became badly .



  1. infected affected                 C. effected             D. diseased
  1. Violent programmes on television may have a bad on
    1. affection pressure                  C. influence            D. control
  2. he has always gone strange hobbies like collecting bottle-tops and inventing secret
    1. into by                            C. in for                    D. through
  3. The local tourist bureau will send you about hotels in the
    1. knowledge information      C. news                      D. notice
  4. The businessman proved to be an apparently well-behaved middle-aged
    1. offensive unoffending              C. inoffensive          D. innocent
  5. The use of plastics for shoes of leather has ruined shoe repairing as a
    1. although as well                      C. instead                  D. outside
  6. Where do you going for your holidays this year?
    1. intend expect                      C. pretend                  D. guess
  7. Now that he has retired, he lives partly on his pension and partly on the on his post  office savings





  1. income wages                C. salary                  D. interest
  1. Be quiet! It’s rude to people when they are
    1. interfere interrupt            C. prevent                D. introduce
  2. During the the audience strolled and chatted in the
    1. gap pause                    C. space                  D. interval
  3. She looked everywhere for her book but had to return home without
    1. lastly at the end             C. in the end          D. at the last
  4. Sally married the Kennedy
    1. with to                          C. into                    D. among
  5. The boy’s allergy to dust caused his skin to .
    1. itch rub                        C. blemish              D. flush
  6. I’m sorry I’m late, I was held up in a traffic .
    1. block crush                      C. jam                      D. group
  7. He hit the other boxer so hard that he broke his lower .
    1. chin wrist                      C. shoulder              D. jaw
  8. Her mother had asked her to do several before she went out .
    1. labours works                      C. travels                  D. jobs
  9. When he makes a by car, he takes his family with
    1. course passage                    C. voyage                  D. journey
  10. I can’t advise you what to do: you must use your own .
    1. guesswork justice                      C. judgement            D. ideal
  11. Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have in the last six
    1. added jumped                    C. amounted              D. gathered
  12. You couldn’t any secrets even for an hour in that llttle
    1. keep get                          C. learn                        D. hear
  13. The police had to the crow              .
    1. keep … to keep … under          C. keep … back      D. keep … on
  14. I should like to touch with old friends but I have so little
    1. be out of be in                C. keep in                  D. lose
  15. Shut the window and the cold                .
    1. keep … in keep … out    C. keep … down      D. keep … behind
  16. You can your shorthand ability by taking notes in shorthand during
    1. keep on keep in              C. keep up                D. keep back
  17. It was after dark when the two children were both on the safe-crossing by a
  18. I cannot undo the in this piece of
    1. bunch lock                  C. knot                        D. tie
  19.             of money prevented us from taking a holiday this
    1. Limit Freeze                C. Emptiness              D. Lack
  20. It was the longest film I’ve ever seen; it four
    1. ended finished            C. lasted                      D. stayed
  21. It is time to the table for
    1. place lay                      C. lay out                    D. put out
  22. After driving for five hours, the driver pulled into for a rest. A,
    1. a bypass a flyover              C. a lay-by                  D. aroundabout



  1. The guide is a line of tourists through the narrow passage with the help of his
    1. conducting bringing          C. leading                    D. guiding
  2. She tried to out of the window to see the procession more
    1. bend curve                C. bow                        D. lean
  3. She came to England for a year in order to the
    1. know become            C. refresh                    D. learn
  4. I’m sorry but what he thinks is not of the importance to
    1. merest lowest              C. worst                      D. least
  5. Are you going to attend Dr Barker’s on “Brain Electronics” tomorrow?
    1. conference lecture            C. meeting                  D. discussion
  6. If the boy had the dog alone it wouldn’t have bitten


  1. set left                  C. put                            D. had



  1. Peter begged his neighbour to him five pounds until the
    1. lend supply                  C. provide                    D. hivre
  2. he offered to her a hand as the suitcase was too heavy for her to
    1. lend show                    C. loan                      D. borrow
  3. You should have your eyes tested every year in case the of your spectacles need
    1. glasses panes                    C. lenses                    D. prisms
  4. A long line of traffic had to wait at the until the train had
    1. drawbridge junction                C. level crossing         D. subway
  5. There is a 20 minute parking here, so we must get back to the car very
    1. freedom limit                      C. allowance              D. ability
  6. As he had no friends or relatives in the town, the traveller tried to find a
    1. lodge landing                  C. lodging                  D. stay
  7. The police must now escaped convict in the surrounding
    1. search look for                C. look after          D. investigate
  8. The children played in the park while their mother .
    1. looked at looked on        C. looked over        D. looked round

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